Profile of the Audit Committee

In order to effectively carry out its oversight function of the board of directors and management, the Board of Commissioners assigns the Company’s independent commissioners namely Mr. Budhi Liman as chairman of the Audit Committee accompanied by Mr. Sahat Erich Estrada Hutagalung and Mrs. Sri Sunarmiatun as members. On December 21, 2018 through the board of commissioners meeting, Ms. Sri Sunarmiatun was replaced by Mr. Yudi Prayudi Setiawan. With an adequate composition, it is expected to provide a balance between clear authority and responsibility so as to create a healthy climate where integrity can develop into a part of the Company’s culture.

Audit Committee Member Structure:

1. Budhi Liman                                       : Chairman

2. Iwan Sugiono     : Member

3. Yudi Prayudi Setiawan                     : Member

The main function of the Audit Committee is to assist the Board in fulfilling our stewardship obligations to examine the financial statements and other financial information issued by the company to the needs of government agencies or the public, to examine the system of internal controls of the Company with respect to compliance with financial, accounting and law established by the Board of Directors and Board Commissioner and examine the audit report, the Company’s financial accounting and more.
The Audit Committee was involved in the selection of the appointment of a Public Accountant with regard objetivitas scope and external auditors. During an inspection has been conducted discussions to ensure the risks have been adequately considered.


In terms of financial reporting and audit, the Board Audit Committee following the discussion accompanying the financial statements with a public accounting firm and the Board of Directors. The selection process for the appointment of public accounting firm as external auditors recommended by the audit committee for approval by the Board of Commissioners, with due regard to the scope, audit methodology, objectivity and qualifications. The results of the discussion of the audit committee ensures that the financial statements audited for the fiscal year ended on December 31, 2015 can be received and reported in the Company’s Annual Report.
In the area of risk management and internal audit has been carried out the identification of the main risk factors of the Company and methods of monitoring and periodic analysis of the financial statements and operations of the hotel. It has been going pretty well so it can be quickly acted upon if needed special attention, although there are still some aspects that need to be refined as permission to use buildings that need new requirement in unit The Jayakarta Cisarua The Jayakarta Jakarta.
Finally, in the areas of business planning, audit committee ensures that the Company has also considered various problems and challenges both internal and external factors in achieving the objectives of the Company.