Corporate Social Responsibility

Environment and Community

PT Pudjiadi And Sons Tbk (the “Company”) recognizes that its business performance is not only measured by financial performance alone, but also by concerns over the harmony between economic, social and environment to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. The alignment which will make the Company will be able to continue to grow and thrive in the long term.
Companies throughout the year organizes various programs and activities Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), which reflects the company’s appreciation to the community. As a form of corporate social responsibility towards society and the environment then in 2015 the company has spent Rp. 266.085.689 for it.

•Social Commitment
The Company continues to strive to create added value for society at large. In a special program of social activities directed to the Company’s operating environment around the hotels owned by programs such as mass circumcision, blood donation, social service development and environmental hygiene, exercise together, as well as others.
Companies are also concerned at the development of education and the preparation of ready workforce. Various forms of cooperation carried out by several institutions to organize joint training programs and apprenticeship programs, both for the level of “front liners” and up to the managerial level.

•Environmental Commitment
Engaged in the tourism industry, the Company realized that the concept of environmental preservation is the main thing that became one of the principles for business continuity of their business. Tourist attraction lies in Indonesia in addition to diverse cultures also by its natural beauty that needs to be maintained.
The concept of environmental conservation is done by carrying out reforestation company in each location in his hotel, saving energy and water use active and integrated waste management. Education about environmental awareness to customers and the wider community is also done by the Company using a variety of communication media.